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Aaron, Tess & Sagan

“Pamela helped us navigate the process of buying our first home, and she was extremely helpful throughout. Initially we were browsing for parcels of raw land (before determining to hold off on that idea based on financing). As we learned, land and houses are (surprisingly) very different real estate specialties, but Pamela proved knowledgeable in all these areas.

We then changed gears and found the house we ended up buying, for which Pamela was coincidentally also the selling agent, so she ended up representing both parties. She helped facilitate a fair and open negotiation, leading to an agreeable sale, so that all parties walked away satisfied. I felt that she represented and consulted for both parties fairly, professionally, and honestly, She was also available virtually 100% of the time. In addition to all this, Pamela is personable and approachable and is someone you would enjoy getting brunch with. I hope she never retires, because if we ever decided to sell (no guarantees, b/c we may never move!), we hope that she can represent us again.”