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Bill, Cary & Zoose Rauscher

“Pamela Hill is unequivocally excellent! She is the epitome of professionalism, knowledge, follow-through, and a truly heightened ability (and desire!) to listen to what her client seeks (an equally important, what they wish to avoid). We met Pamela initially via an online inquiry while we were still living in Boston. We planned to retire in the upcoming 9 months and relocate to Whidbey Island. We started the home search process early, looking online to get an idea of prices and desirable locations. We contacted realtors associated with several homes we identified, and Pamela was one of these realtors. Each of these initial realtors provided the cursory answers and information I requested. However, only Pamela asked me questions about what we were looking for and our timetable She then suggested that we set time for a call to discuss in more detail our needs and wants and how she could help us from afar to start identifying potentially suitable properties. Pamela stayed in regular communication with us for many months and she was always available to reply to my inquiries on various homes I viewed online. Now knowing what we wanted, Pamela could impart very helpful information consistent with our stated needs and she started compiling a list of homes for us to see when we came to Whidbey. When we arrived on the island, Pamela had organized a full weekend to show us approximately 15 homes on our agreed list. She was amazing in accurately translating our prior phone discussions into showing us only homes that truly fit our criteria. As a result, we found ‘our home’ on the first day–and purchased it. Pamela has extensive knowledge of the entire Whidbey Island itself and the complete real estate inventory from the furthest point south on the island all the way to the most northern end. Pamela navigated us seamlessly through our purchase and our unfamiliarity with the WA purchase process. She continued to assist us all the way through closing and even beyond. While this is a long review, there was no way to otherwise accurately describe the immense value there is to working with Pamela Hill. In summary, contact Pamela if you are looking to purchase (or sell) on Whidbey–you will be working with the consummate professional. And, as a tremendous bonus, you’ll be working with a kind, caring, fun, and all-around-wonderful individual! You will be in the best of hands with Pamela!”