Whether you fancy the outdoors, like a night of entertainment every now and then, or enjoy your alone time, you can have it all by living in real estate on Whidbey Island. When you come for a visit, one of the first things you'll notice about the island is its immense beauty - from lush, wooded trails to scenic landscapes to soothing beaches. Then you'll begin to be engulfed by the easy going spirit, and after that, you're hooked.

Real estate on Whidbey Island, particularly in the southern section, has constantly been calling those who appreciate nature. Perhaps it is for this reason that it is not unusual to find farm lands nestled right next to artist colonies.

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Whidbey Island homes on the southern section of the island are mainly found in Freeland, Clinton, and Langley and everywhere in between. This area, which has been affectionately referred to as "Puget Sound's Largest Artist Colony," is alive with a passion. There are a host of shops and galleries that showcase the finest local works, be they paintings, sculptures, jewelry, photographs, and pieces in other mediums.

Besides appealing to creative souls, real estate on Whidbey Island is also popular among those who work in Everett and Seattle, making it a quaint bedroom community. Learn more about South Whidbey Island and which neighborhood is right for you by giving me a call at any time at (360) 678-2095.