Stephanie Varon & Fionn

"Pamela has been a delight to work with every step of the way and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.  I found her open, honest and able to help me through all the tough decisions that I was faced with in selling my home.  She made it easy and fun!  Thank you Pamela!"

Jeff, Shannon & Guinness Kavanaugh

"We cannot thank Pamela enough for helping us find our perfect beach house. We had some specific requirements and a budget that presented challenges on Whidbey.  Pamela patiently and with great skill guided us to a wonderful result.  She knows Whidbey.  She knows waterfront property.  So if you are either buying or selling, she is definitely who you want to work with.  Thank you Pamela!"  


Keith & Deborah Byrd (Ruby & Nookie)

"I must admit I had some trepidation in selling our family home which my parents had built.  However, after contacting and working with Pamela, my wife and I want to give a "Big Thank-You & a Big High Five" for her dedication and details in making the selling of our family home "A Success."  Pamela's insights and skills are amazing, she worked effortlessly and professionally.  She gave us ideas which we applied and utilized in making the house look the most attractive and presentable for prospective buyers.  With these tips and insights and her encouragement we were able to sell our home to the new owners who will love, cherish and appreciate it as much as we did.  Our home is filled with many wonderful memories.  We are thankful that we found and worked with Pamela.  She provided us with timely information and feedback.  She made selling our home a most pleasant experience.  If you are looking to purchase a new home or sell yours, I would highly recommend an experienced Real Estate Agent:  Pamela Z. Hill.  We have much respect in her experience and professionalism she exhibited while working for us.  You are the Best!  Thank you ever so much."

Bob & Cleo Pirtle

"We would give Pamela 10 stars out of 5 - she is that good!  We have purchased 8 houses over the years and had never worked with a truly professional realtor....until now.  Here is what we appreciated about Pamela:  She listened to what we said and acted on it.  She did not push houses that she wanted to sell rather she picked houses that met our criteria.  Pamela believes in fiduciary relationship with her clients.  Pamela is direct and does not waste your time or hers.  Pamela has a depth of knowledge of Whidbey Island area that comes with her 30 years of local experience.  From offer to closing Pamela kept an eye on everything and kept us in the loop with lots of status updates.  She is great at communicating - you will not wonder what is going on.  We have no plans to buy another house, but if we do, guess who we would call.....OK no guessing needed.....we would call Pamela."

Robert Connor & Sue Jean White

"Doing a long distance home search is not easy.  We tried two other agents before we met Pamela.  We feel so fortunate to have found her.  She really listened to what we wanted and kept that her focus through our whole search.  She knows Whidbey and was always able to give us the background and pros and cons of any property. We were extremely picky, but she was a trooper and never gave up the search.  After a year and a half, we found the perfect house.  She made our closing so easy that we closed in three weeks.  She's also just a fun person to spend time with -- we've greatly enjoyed making her one of our first Whidbey friends."

Jeff & Nancy Wahl (Abbie & Normie)

"Pamela continues to be our 'go to' realtor on Whidbey.  I appreciate her strong ethics, her tireless dedication to her clients, her attention to detail and her skill and knowledge.  She knows the Whidbey market inside out, and she makes sure she gets to know her clients just as well.  When we decided we needed to sell our get away in order to find something that better accommodates our dogs, Abbie and Normie, she listened, understood, and was there for us.  We would never use another realtor.  She is the best."

Tom & Mary Alice Sterling

In an industry with a used car salesman and realtor on every street corner, Pamela Hill (Whidbey View Homes) is a breath of fresh air!  She was more interested in our success than making a fast commission.  Lots of helpful suggestions, from making the property more appealing, to strategic moves making the sale more secure and keeping us updated with sale progress.  I'm convinced her negotiating more earnest money up front kept a demanding and recalcitrant buyer from backing out of the sale.  If you're looking for an excellent realtor, look no further.  I highly recommend her, and without reservations!

Bill, Cary & Zoose Rauscher

"Pamela Hill is unequivocally excellent!  She is the epitome of professionalism, knowledge, follow-through, and a truly heightened ability (and desire!) to listen to what her client seeks (an equally important, what they wish to avoid).  We met Pamela initially via an online inquiry while we were still living in Boston.  We planned to retire in the upcoming 9 months and relocate to Whidbey Island.  We started the home search process early, looking online to get an idea of prices and desirable locations.  We contacted realtors associated with several homes we identified, and Pamela was one of these realtors.  Each of these initial realtors provided the cursory answers and information I requested.  However, only Pamela asked me questions about what we were looking for and our timetable  She then suggested that we set time for a call to discuss in more detail our needs and wants and how she could help us from afar to start identifying potentially suitable properties.  Pamela stayed in regular communication with us for many months and she was always available to reply to my inquiries on various homes I viewed online.  Now knowing what we wanted, Pamela could impart very helpful information consistent with our stated needs and she started compiling a list of homes for us to see when we came to Whidbey.  When we arrived on the island, Pamela had organized a full weekend to show us approximately 15 homes on our agreed list.  She was amazing in accurately translating our prior phone discussions into showing us only homes that truly fit our criteria.  As a result, we found 'our home' on the first day--and purchased it.  Pamela has extensive knowledge of the entire Whidbey Island itself and the complete real estate inventory from the furthest point south on the island all the way to the most northern end.  Pamela navigated us seamlessly through our purchase and our unfamiliarity with the WA purchase process.  She continued to assist us all the way through closing and even beyond.  While this is a long review, there was no way to otherwise accurately describe the immense value there is to working with Pamela Hill.  In summary, contact Pamela if you are looking to purchase (or sell) on Whidbey--you will be working with the consummate professional.  And, as a tremendous bonus, you'll be working with a kind, caring, fun, and all-around-wonderful individual!  You will be in the best of hands with Pamela!"

Nina Carter & Tom Rainey

"Selling my parent's home that they built was very difficult for me.  I loved the place, but knew we had to sell it.  I talked with Pamela about the emotional connections and she helped me work through those memories.  Then, she was a wonderful negotiator and representative for me as we listed the property and dealt with the many aspects of listing and selling a home.  Pamela was so helpful in negotiating this complex property sale.  She held firm on pre-sale requests from neighbors and was able to close the sale on time despite possible delays by the buyers.  Pamela's photographer and drone fly over video were terrific!  It gave potential buyers a real sense of the property.  We would definitely recommend Pamela to friends and family if they have a property to buy or sell on Whidbey Island.  Thank you, Pamela!"

Bruce & Bridget Eastman

"Pamela Hill was enthusiastically referred to us by friends who had utilized her services recently.  Their glowing recommendation was more than justified!  Pamela interviewed us as to our specific needs and desires regarding a new home.  We were on a tight time schedule, and Pamela promptly presented us with several new listings that fit our criteria.  Within a matter of days we had an accepted offer on a house that exceeded all of our expectations.  Pamela arranged a home inspection the next day, and the following day we were on our way back to California to put our house there on the market.  Her knowledge, communication skills and timeliness are without peer.  This woman knows her business, knows Whidbey Island, and knows how to get things done, period!"

Jan Pickard

"We have had a very successful experience working with Pamela.  I have appreciated her focus, promptness, knowledge, and attention to representing the real estate needs of our family.  I have great confidence in her competence."

Ken Pickard

"I am retired from a 32 year private law practice in Coupeville, WA.  During my career I represented realtors, sued realtors, sued the Board of Realtors and represented many clients in land transactions.  I've had dealings with many, many realtors.  I have also bought and sold a number of parcels of land and dealt with realtors in those transactions.  In my opinion Pamela Hill is the most professional, energetic, competent and diligent realtor I've ever dealt with.  She has sold at least six properties in the past year for me and my family and done so with excellence.  Pamela maintains close contact with her clients, constantly updates her clients and has a keen intellect for the ins and outs of real estate transactions.  I have recommended her to many friends already and will continue to do so."

Gary & Barbara Goins

"Pamela is a superb agent.  She understands the Whidbey Island market extremely well.  This ability helped us to hone in one what we really wanted.  Whidbey communities are unique with pros and cons to each.  Pamela knows this and we found the perfect home after working with Pamela since last year.  We moved into our adored home late April 2017.  Pamela listened and was connected to us.  We always felt that we were #1 during our home search.  Her guidance and expertise were essential to us finding our home in a competitive market.  We recommend Pamela without hesitation."

Gene & Diane Bedlington

Diane and I just moved again and kept our other home in Sun City, AZ for a rental.  I was thinking about all of the work you put into selling our home on the Island and I was so burned out with getting the home ready and presentable to sell that I just got out of there as fast as I could.  I don't recall making any effort to thank you for all the work you did and the extra efforts you put into making it a successful Sale.  Well, I am thanking you now.  I hope all is well with you.  Remember life is a journey not a destination. 

Lahiff family

"Pamela represented us for the purchase of our home in Greenbank.  When we first approached her, we had no idea what we were looking for, or even what neighborhood we wanted to be in.  We flew in for the weekend and she had a map prepared for us numbered off with all of the 20+ homes we wanted to see, and basically gave us a driving tour of the island!  She knows every nook of the place, and was happy to advise us on all the little things that mattered to us in our search.  Thanks to her, we found our dream home!  Due to repeated issues with our lender, we ended up in a very protracted escrow.  Pamela worked tirelessly with the seller's agent to keep the deal together.  Without her Herculean efforts, we surely would have lost both the house and our deposit.  She is always accessible and helpful, always upbeat and pleasant to work with, and always ferociously protective of her clients.  We can't recommend Pamela highly enough, and have in fact already referred friends to her.  Thank you, Pamela!!!"

Michael, Dani & Atlas Safstrom

"Pamela was recommended to us after we had been working with another agent.  Pamela has been nothing but amazing while we were in the search for our first home.  We found her to be very proactive and detail oriented.  It is very clear that she truly cares about her clients.  She is not just interested in making a sale on any terms but is interested in finding the right home and the best deal!"

Allen & Hilde Kasper

"We first met Pamela as our new next door neighbor when we first moved to Whidbey Island 13 years ago.  We evaluated a number of agents when we decided to sell our property and Pamela came out on top for many reasons.  Her focus on our type of property and her success rate made her the obvious choice.  Pamela made the process from listing to sale less stressful than it could have been.  Her market knowledge also helped us get the most we could for our property.  We love Pamela's personality and cheerful attitude toward the whole process.  We would strongly recommend Pamela to any prospective seller on Whidbey Island."

Ian Tully

"After living on Whidbey for over 27 years and working with multiple realtors I fully endorse Pamela.  She has years of experience and is a consummate professional and excellent communicator with laser beam attention to detail.  Most importantly after the recent sale of our home on Race Lagoon I can say without hesitation she always 'has your back' and best interest at heart.  On Whidbey Pamela is 'The Best'."

Jim & Micki Fraser

"We sold 2 Whidbey Island properties in 2015 with Pamela Hill as our Realtor.  Her knowledge of the real estate market, communication skills and attention to detail are so impressive.  She is simply the best!"

Ken Mainville & Sally Christoff

"We have found Pamela to be an "Exceptional Realtor!"  She was lots of fun to be with!  We made 3 different trips to Whidbey from the San Francisco Area looking at View Properties.  She then reminded us why we were coming up here.  For the View of the Ocean!  We wandered off looking at the woods and acreage, too, and ended up with our Ocean View Home we would only have dreamed of!  Welcome to Whidbey Island!

Tony & Maria Lambregts

"Thank you for your services.  The experience was great!"

Rick Lindner, Colleen Woodall & Jack

"We just wanted to drop you a quick note expressing our gratitude for selling our home.  We have enjoyed working with you throughout the process and truly appreciated your professionalism, your expertise, and your communication skills.

We also appreciated your willingness to work with us in selecting the best medium to advertise our property; opting to consider less traditional means and publications.  We have already recommended you to a few of our neighbors should they be interested in selling (or buying) and will solicit your services should we return to this area."


Frank & Susan Ryan

"We found Pamela Hill to be the consummate realtor.  She is a terrific listener in terms of understanding what kind of property we were interested in, she is a tireless worker - always available, always engaging, always professional - and she is very on top of the Whidbey Island market, having many years of experience on the island.  I am also in the real estate business back East and found Pamela to always have our interests at heart.  She also understood all of the people who became part of the transaction, including the geologist, the inspector, etc. and was a careful and thoughtful adviser in terms of issues that arose.  We could always count on Pamela to represent our interests correctly, keep the transaction on target and understand the details of all aspects of the deal.  We couldn't be more thrilled with the property that we purchased and very much value getting to know Pamela as part of it all."

Bill & Lisa Coghlan

"Pamela Hill represented us in the purchase of our new home on Whidbey Island.  Being long distance buyers dictated that we use our limited time efficiently while sorting through the various listings.  Pamela skillfully narrowed down our initial choices and coordinated the appointments for viewing (further impacted by the fact that we had our senior dog with us and had to tour the houses separately).  After inspecting several houses, we found the perfect home for us.  We successfully entered into escrow and were shepherded through the process with Pamela's skillful assistance.  For Pamela it was the "whole package."  We were always able to reach her when we had questions and always felt like a team striving to achieve the same goal.  Thank you Pamela for a wonderful experience.  We love our home."

Alan & Helga Bowlin

"We want to tell others about the commendable response of Pamela Hill when she listed and sold our home on Whidbey Island in November 2014.  The service and response of Whidbey View Homes was far above others and we would recommend her to anyone wishing to sell their home.  Our home sold in three weeks and that is above and beyond our wildest dream and expectation!!!!!  Her service it thorough, thoughtful, and responsive...  We could not have asked for more!!  Thank you Pamela."

Bob & Geoff Ashworth

"Thanks so much, Pamela, for your expert advice and skillful promotion in marketing our property.  Your dedication and perseverance made all the difference.  We can't thank you enough."

Michael & Karen Champion

"What a relief it is to work with a realtor you both like and trust!  Pamela listened and supported us in our search for the right home.  She helped navigate us through every step of the process and was always available to answer our questions and look out for our best interests.  We highly recommend her. 

Thank you Pamela!"


Terry Swett

"I myself have been a Realtor for many years so I know having the "right" Realtor, one who works with their client on ALL aspects of getting a home sold, is paramount.  While no longer living in Washington, I needed a Realtor who could handle more than just "paperwork",  Pamela Z. Hill of Whidbey View Homes did it all and very generously and graciously I might add.  I had a timeline which needed to be adhered to and that required a person who would get all aspects of the job done correctly and efficiently -- Pamela did!  In less than 2 weeks I had a strong signed contract on my waterfront home and all done from start to finish in less than 6 weeks, from first listing day to Close of Escrow.  I have worked with many, many agents over the years and am very grateful I found Pamela who handled everything with total professionalism.  When issues arose (as they most always do when there are so many different entities involved) dedication and determination got the job done on time and with a highly satisfactory outcome for all.  Thank you Pamela and staff -- your work was so very much appreciated!"

Marianne Sloan

"Pamela Hill did a great job selling my waterfront home in Greenbank.  She has extensive knowledge of Whidbey Island and is very attentive to details.  Her very creative marketing skills, that included use of multiple internet cites and hard copy publications, make all the difference in a difficult market.

Pamela kept me informed regarding every showing, returned my phone calls in a timely manner, and her monthly personally prepared newsletter on the progress of the showings and sale were very informative.

Pamela is a professional and very dedicated real estate broker who I would recommend to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a property on Whidbey Island.  I am grateful I found Pamela and wish her continued success." 


Bill & Donna Humphreys

"Pamela has a gift for seeing the best aspects of a property, then characterizing those in the description to attract the most likely match with a prospective buyer. 

She sets a marketing plan that can be flexible, and, she balances encouragement and optimism with realistic and candid feedback.

Pamela, we appreciate so much your representation of our home."


Jeff & Nancy Wahl

"We worked with Pamela before arriving on the Island.  She got to know us over the phone so she could help us spend our 4 days on the Island productively.  Her knowledge of the Island, and obvious love for it, made our house-hunting enjoyable.  We arrived on a Thursday, thinking we would just explore.  By the time we left on Sunday we had our Whidbey Island dream-home under contract, thanks to Pamela's efforts.  We have bought and sold several houses and I have never had such a responsive, professional, ethical and delightful realtor!"


Mike & Nancy Dicus

"Pamela is the ultimate professional.  She is patient, knowledgeable and alert.  She is responsive any time of the day or week and makes you feel like you are her only customer.  She is laser focused on what your needs and interests are and works collaboratively and relentlessly to get the perfect house or property.

Over the years in working with different realtors no one has ever taken the time to fully describe various aspects of the offer or sales agreement and the implications of each aspect.  However, working with Pamela we came out of every transaction with a full understanding of our decisions and next steps.

We are thankful to have been referred to Pamela and would, without hesitation, highly recommend her to others."


Matt & Kristin Wahl

"Pamela helped my wife and I purchase our home on Whidbey Island almost completely by phone and email, as we are out of state.  The transaction couldn't have gone more smoothly.  Pamela walked us through the process piece by piece, fielded all my phone calls, and was prompt to reply to emails.  Her knowledge of the area, the people, and resources gave us the peace of mind to pull the trigger on the property while being abroad.  I look forward to working with Pamela again in the future and would highly recommend her services to friends and family.  We love our new home."

Dan Silva & Sandi Bumpus

"We fell in love with Whidbey Island many years ago, and had visited often.  Last fall we began a serious search for properties on Whidbey Island in preparation for our retirement.  Pamela made herself available to help in our search with very minimal notice.  Prior to our arrival she identified an impressive list of properties based on our budget, "must-haves," and wish-list items.  She carefully guided us to the perfect property, educating us along the way about island living.  We were immediately drawn to Pamela's enthusiasm and desire to understand our needs, and through the process, we gained a true Whidbey Island friend.  We couldn't be happier with our Coupeville cottage, and recommend Pamela Hill without reservation as an outstanding real estate professional."

Liz Morosco & Arizona

"I am so happy and so love this house!  I have to keep pinching myself to know it is real.  Thank you so much for helping to make it happen.  Your positive energy kept me centered.  Selling and buying a house is an awesome journey.  You helped me through the rough spots and look where I landed - in Heaven.  Thanks for all the work you did with Alexandra to make this happen.  It was a wonderful education in house buying that she will have for the rest of her life.

Thank you again for everything you did to help me find and buy this little piece of paradise."


Ed & Margaret Bennett

"Listing our home with Whidbey View Homes was an excellent decision on our part.  When we first talked to Pamela, and when she first came to our house, we were impressed with her knowledge of real estate and the market.  She focused on the positive aspects of our home and gardens, and recognized the value of what we had to offer.  We received regular summaries of the "showings", and she was always quick to respond to our calls and emails.  Pamela loves her work; we knew we were in good hands."

Len Eserhut

"Over the years I have bought and sold many properties and I can say with certainty that my experiences with Pamela as my Broker, both on purchasing a property and now selling my home, have been extremely satisfying.  With all previous realtors in every case I have had negative experiences with the agents involved and the entire transaction.  Personalities and negotiations had been at times adversarial and very unpleasant.

Both transactions with Pamela have been extremely pleasant and stress free.  She is a true professional and stands "head and shoulders" above the rest.  I strongly recommend her.

Thank you Pamela for a job well done!"


Jim Noll

"Thanks, wholly, to the hard and very professional work of Pamela Hill I took possession of my "Dream Home" on the 17th of January 2013.  I contacted Pamela in February 2011 after an on-line search for properties for sale.  Circumstances prevented me from coming to Whidbey Island until September of 2012.  In the meantime Pamela kept in touch with me with cards on holidays, emails, and several calls just to talk. I was very grateful, and very impressed.

In October 2012 I came to Whidbey from Southern California and we looked at 60 of my list of 75 homes.  By the time I left for home 4 days later we had tendered an offer and the process to make my Dream Home a reality had begun.

I have been in my beautiful new home for several months now.  My home, located on the west side of Oak Harbor and Whidbey Island is the Very Best, far better than I every imagined it could be.

My everlasting Thanks to Pamela for her hard work to get my "Dream" and your friendship for the years to come."


Eric & Angela Ohme

"I have bought and sold a number of houses over the years. Never before have I had a real estate agent that performed way above my expectations like Pamela Hill.  Pamela was there every step of the way to make sure our transactions were as smooth as possible.  Her knowledge, professionalism, and attention to details left us very satisfied in our choice of using Pamela as our real estate agent."

Chris & John Buck

Thank you very much for all of your hard work in bringing our property to a final closing!  We appreciate the good advertising, especially in the Luxury Home Magazine.  Thank you, also, for the monthly detailed paperwork that kept us posted on everything that was happening.  You are a good go-between!  Thank you!

Michael, Connie & Cali Tripp

"We found Pamela through her Whidbey View Homes website.  It is easy to find and navigate.  Buying a home through Pamela was a good experience.  She listened to what we were looking for in a home and in a short amount of time she found us a lovely one.  She is professional and friendly, she was particularly good at representing us, and communicating with the seller's realtor.  She recommended inspectors who got things done in a timely manner and closing went very smoothly.  We would whole heartedly recommend Pamela to anyone looking to buy a home on Whidbey.  As an added bonus, she loved our dog."

Sean & Leslie Kelley

"Pamela is THE real estate partner to work with on Whidbey Island.  She is professional, organized, and truly understands how to market the island lifestyle and all that it offers.  When we decided to sell our Coupeville cottage, we wouldn't consider partnering with anyone else.  Throughout the entire process from pre-listing to staging to selling and closing, we always felt fully informed, that Pamela was our advocate and that we would end up with a fair deal in the end.  We quickly sold in a tough market which is a testament to Pamela's market efforts and diligence in seeing the opportunity to make a deal happen.  Pamela's integrity and conviction to represent buyer and seller interests make her a standout on Whidbey Island."

Don & Kaye Cronk

"Pamela has served us well.  I would recommend Pamela to anyone with an upscale property.  We especially liked Pamela's immediate feedback on anyone going through our home and her monthly summary of activities.  Pamela is  very thorough and professional."

Dan & Lisa Hall

After living in Northwest Washington for 37 years, including 4 on Whidbey in the 70's, we knew the territory and what we wanted in this stage of life, family and ministry.  With our modest amount of experience in selling, buying, and building, we had the neighborhood and a home scoped out!  Even so, we needed a local buyer's agent who could do the leg work, give us honest, accurate advice regarding current local realty trends, and be our advocate.

With Pamela we found an experienced, professional Realtor who filled those needs.  She listened to us and offered suggestions but was never pushy.  She put up with a myriad of inconvenient, picayune questions for information and detail, and was a consistently strong advocate for us.  Responsive to all  our requests, Pamela adapted her schedule to ours as needed, answered all our questions, helped with the septic inspection, measured, inspected, and did the final walk through for us without hesitation.  We felt she was really looking out for our interests.  We highly and confidently recommend Pamela Hill to anyone needing an outstanding Whidbey Realtor.


Jack & Sybil Merrow

We knew no one on Whidbey involved in real estate, but saw some interesting homes for sale as we drove around Coupeville.  When driving down one street in town we noticed the Whidbey View Homes office and decided to check it out.  Though we had no appointment and just walked in off the street, Pamela introduced herself and graciously offered to contact homeowners and showed us homes that very afternoon.  A few weeks later on another trip to the island, Pamela showed us the home we eventually purchased.

Pamela thoroughly explained and handled all the paper work, advised on the title company, recommended an independent home inspector, and helped us to arrive at a fair home value and purchase agreement for our new Whidbey home.  From initial offer to closing, the process took only 13 days!  We think that's a record for a mortgage purchase.  It would not have happened without Pamela's diligence, market knowledge, working with our lender, and strict attention to detail.  We are happy with our new home and we would definitely choose Pamela again as our real estate broker.


Skip & Kathy Eglet

"Skip and I would like to express our admiration and appreciation for the professional manner with which you handled our real estate transaction from the initial interview to the final closing.

We are particularly impressed with your expertise and knowledge of the market and, the outstanding manner with which you presented our property.  We are gratified by your perseverance, advice, and encouragement. It has been our pleasure to conduct this business with you."


Jeff, Tami & Chloe Thom

"My wife and I just received the keys for our new homestead!  We started and ended the process with Pamela Hill at Whidbey View Homes.  The WVH website was the most comprehensive and easy to use website we found in our search for a Whidbey Island property.  We engaged Pamela to view the home we thought best fit out needs and, wow, we are now in!  Pamela was outstanding every step of the way -- her knowledge of the island, business relationships on the island, overall experience and an honest, caring, approach while leading us through each step of the process made this one of the easiest, and best, real estate purchases we've ever made.  Thank you Pamela."


Mark & Elaine Osberg

"Thank you Pamela!  With your help, we had a successful sale of our property in Oak Harbor. We liked your website presence, the regular and thorough communications, and all the time and effort you took with our phone calls.  We appreciated being able to complete the whole transaction easily even though we do not live in the area.  Best of luck to you with Whidbey View Homes."

Jay, Shelley & Casie Wolfman

"Pamela is the most competent and knowledgeable realtor with whom we have ever worked.  She advertised our property to a wide audience and kept us up to date with a monthly letter describing potential buyer comments, market stats and more.  

She truly is one of the most organized, professional women we know and thank her for selling our home during such a difficult market."


May Family Trust

"I want to thank you for your terrific customer service, support and professionalism in representing our family trust.  Although the new and far more demanding real estate processes seemed insurmountable at times, you persevered, maintained your professional decorum and successfully sold our house at the price we wanted.  Equally impressive was the brief window you effected the sale within, especially when viewed in this sluggish and unpredictable market.  Not only was it a pleasure doing business with Whidbey View Homes, you exceeded the already high expectations of all 9 trustees.  A million thanks from our clan!"

Mary M. May

Successor Trustee


Harry Anderson, Terry Bible, Charlotte & Addie

"Pamela knows Whidbey Island and understands what her clients are looking for.  She helped us find our "perfect spot" overlooking beautiful Penn Cove!"

Jenny Roben & Family

"Pamela was referred to me by a friend who has property on Whidbey. From our initial phone conversation, I knew she was someone I wanted to work with. She was amazingly knowledgeable about the island in general as well as all of the neighborhoods we discussed. She was able to efficiently outline the pros and cons of each, making points that really helped us evaluate and determine what we really wanted. She was available, responsive and professional in all of our interactions. We trusted her judgments and enjoyed her sense of humor. Our experience with Pamela was 100% positive from that first phone call to the thoughtful note and Whidbey Island book that was on the table when we first walked into our new home.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, take care and I hope we will see you around the island!"

Linda, Vernon & Sylvia

"We wholeheartedly recommend Pamela as the real estate agent for your next transaction on Whidbey Island. She brought the ideal blend of professional knowledge, sense of timing, and patience to our purchase. We have lived on Whidbey for more than 25 years and were familiar with some of the issues associated with Island real estate. Throughout the 8 months that we worked together, Pamela displayed respect for that knowledge at every encounter. One measure of a real estate agent is the array of specialists she relies upon. Every specialist Pamela suggested was an excellent and expert resource, who truly informed us and facilitated the process. If you want to have a real estate experience that is satisfying and efficient, engage Pamela!"

Jim & Amory

"Thank you for the excellent service and support your provided us in helping to secure our future home on Whidbey Island. Your familiarity with the area, work ethic, and shear ability to move things through road blocks is the only reason we were able to make this dream happen. As advice to others, we would highly recommend Pamela Hill-Keeva as a realtor who knows the realty business well and how to get things done. Hind sight being 20/20, the only thing that did not go smoothly was our mortgage lender, a large credit union that is unique and well known to the Seattle area. Pamela, your experience with trusted parties ranging from inspectors to escrow really made things run smoothly. If we were to do it all over again, we would have gone with a mortgage broker of your recommendation because everyone else to whom you guided us did a fantastic job.

This testimonial was extra challenging for us because we live overseas and were not able to attend anything in person. With the right people, anything is possible. You were the right person for us."


Babette & John Thompson

"Our first real estate closing fell apart in 2004, with several to follow. Trying to buy a home on Whidbey while living on the east coast was very difficult. Our pre-Pamela agents ranged from unethical to incompetent, and sometimes both.

We remembered meeting Pamela when one of our previous agents showed us a home for which Pamela was the listing agent. That home had some serious problems and we recalled how Pamela pointed out even the problems that were not readily apparent and told us exactly what her client was planning to do to fix them. So in 2006, we called Pamela, hoping she would represent us with as much effort and integrity.

We had some unusual requirements for a home due both to medical issues and not having the budget of buyers who had sold expensive homes in California. We knew we were in good hands when Pamela immediately grasped what we needed, and made a heroic effort to show us homes that best met the most important of those requirements and were within the our budget, unlike other agents that simply didn't listen or understand.  Additionally, her help and advice did not end with the closing. Her associate, Janet, continued to provide information and advice. For example, it was Janet who found us a competent and reasonable landscaper to care for the property during the 6 weeks between closing and our moving in.

We bought the Wandro's home (see their comments below) and it is a credit to Pamela that both the buyers and sellers are equally happy with Pamela's management of this transaction and are still on speaking terms with each other almost 5 months after closing.  We have already recommended Pamela to other buyers and sellers.She is the only agent we encountered in 4 1/2 years on Whidbey Island who actually listens to her clients and provides realistic, honest and practical advice."

Mike & Linda Wandro

"From the first minute that we met Pamela, we knew she was the Realtor for us. She was very professional, likeable and confident in her ability to sell our home. Previously, we were listed with another company who was not able to get the job done. Pamela's brilliant marketing and negotiating had our home sold in no time. It was a very good experience and we consider her a good friend. Thank you Pamela."

Michael & Stella Canfield

After one very frustrating year on the market, Pamela came aboard and a miracle happened! Not only did she sell our beloved Victorian home, she found us the perfect cottage to suit our needs when we are back in the USA. Pamela’s exceptional professionalism, patience, and understanding of the sensitivity of our situation, exceeded our expectations. Her knowledge of the business, punctuality, and organization are admirable and her ethics are to be praised.
There is no question in our minds: PAMELA IS THE BEST AND WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!"

Andreas & Lisa Wurzrainer

"Selling our home with Pamela has been smooth, professional and overall a wonderful experience. She is very hard working and always makes herself available. She sold our house in less than a week - what more could we ask for? We would definitely use Pamela again, and highly recommend her for anyone who is looking for a real professional. Thanks again!"

Randi, Jeremiah & Bow

"As first time home buyers we had no idea what we were getting into. We were unhappy with our current realtor and decided to make a change. Thank goodness we did! Pamela walked us through each step of the way, from finding the home to signing the papers. She explained the process, including the dreaded fine print, so we knew exactly what was going to happen. No surprises. It was so nice to find someone so enthusiastic, helpful and able. Pamela's hard work made it easy for us to own our first home! We highly recommend Pamela to anyone wanting to make buying a home easy! Thank you so much!"

Harvey & Anita Neumann

"Pamela is a hard working very professional agent who has her clients best interest at heart. She helped us greatly with all the details and pitfalls of selling a home and we highly recommend her."

Jim & Lee Anderst

"Pamela is a gem and we heartily recommend her as your real estate agent. She is "computer savvy" and easy to work with. We have appreciated her professionalism, her positive attitude, her attention to detail, and her knowledge of real estate. Ours was not an easy sale, and Pamela kept hanging in there until it turned out right for us. Thank you, Pamela!"

Fran & Gil Titus

"After having our home on the market for two years and having no success, we were almost afraid to list again. Our home was a beautiful historic home on two acres of no bank waterfront. The problem was that we didn't seem to connect with the right buyers. On one of my frequent walks in the neighborhood, I noticed a home for sale by Whidbey View Homes. The next time I passed by it was sold and I was stunned. It had taken one week. I called Pamela very shortly thereafter. After our first meeting we were very impressed with Pamela's professional demeanor and her wealth of knowledge and experience.
We decided to list with her and as they say "the rest is history". We had two full price offers the first weekend after our home went on the market. That was when we really appreciated working with someone of Pamela's dedication and experience. She walked us through every step of the way and helped us to close with the least amount of hassle we have ever had in a real estate transaction Pamela also became our buyer's agent and helped us find the home we now live in and love.
She was right there every step of the way, asking questions we didn't even know to ask and not being satisfied until every detail in the transaction was fully resolved. I'm afraid we're spoiled. I would not want to get into another real estate transaction without Pamela Hill."

Gil, Sandra, & Elisha Villarreal

"Thank you for hanging in there with us. Even when we looked at various homes in many different price ranges you never once pressured us and you always had our best interest in mind. It took over a year but it was worth it. We love our home on Whidbey Island. Thank you, so much for all your time and effort."

Lynn & Jonie McBee

"Pamela is a true professional who is committed to finding you the right home for your family. We cannot say enough about her outstanding service and we will recommend her. This is not a paid advertisement...she is that good!"

Connie & David Wheeler

"Pamela's incredible professionalism in helping us buy a wonderful home on Whidbey made our purchase, from beginning to end, an effortless experience. Couple that with terrific taste and style, great humor, and a true appreciation of Whidbey Island's beauty and real estate market. Her conscientiousness and sense of detail is a buyer or seller's dream. Thanks, Pamela, for all you've done!"

Barbara Moran & Dr. Bob Baker

"When considering our move from California to be closer to relatives in Seattle, we first turned to the Internet (I am a college instructor who teaches computer and Internet-related courses.) Of ALL the websites featuring Whidbey Island properties, yours was by far the easiest to use, best-designed, fastest loading, and most complete. As if that wasn't enough, we got to work with you -- an honest, energetic, informed, positive individual. You and your website made finding and buying our home on Whidbey Island a memorable experience. Thank you so much."

--Barbara Moran

"As a retired psychologist who worked with people traumatized by war, natural disasters and violent crimes, I wanted to find a peaceful place through a peaceful process, so I could retire, yet continue our family's charity, Operation TeddyCare. Whidbey Island provided that peaceful place and you, Pamela, kept the whole process peaceful for us, while you worked endlessly on our behalf. The symbol of the Marine Corps is the bulldog, because it is so tenacious. I know you are partial to Corgis, but I think if you ever adopt a symbol for your realty company, it should be a bulldog."

--Dr Bob Baker (former combat Marine)


Charles & Michele Kneass

"Just wanted to send you a note to thank you for all your efforts helping us to find and buy our new Whidbey Island home. We are mostly settled in now and realize we love it here more than we ever expected.
... It is amazing how you were able to narrow our search so quickly and actully find two homes we would have been happy with. We are particularly grateful that the whole process was so easy, from making the offer to closing. Your professionalism and attention to detail gave us confidence. We anticipated that it would be much more complicated trying to get everything done long distance from San Diego, but it all went smoothly and suprisingly fast."

Ron Ingram & Peggy Lalor

"We've had a number of realtor's, but none as great as Pamela Hill of Whidbey View Homes. She and her staff were extremely professional, attentive to our needs, and overall a real pleasure to work with. ... She clearly presented options and points to consider at each step. During the entire process, we never doubted that our best interest was her number one priority. She was on top of every aspect giving us a tremendous sense of comfort. With relentless dedication and attention to detail she accomplished the purchase. We look forward to doing more business with Whidbey View Homes in the future. Thanks for everything Pamela!"


"Pamela sold my house in Langley quickly and efficiently. She knows how to put together eye-catching and appealing flyers to advertise your home. She knew how to capture that certain charm that you, the seller, see in your home and would like the potential buyer to recognize. With her computer savvy she knows how to build her websites to attain maximum exposure.
Thanks, Pamela, for a job well done!"

Rob, Rebecca, Quinn & Braden Relyea

"Rob and I really want to thank you for your flexibility in showing us so many different properties on the island. The third time was definitely the charm in getting our house."

Beverly McQuary

"Thank you so very much for helping me find the home of my dreams here on Whidbey Island. Your professionalism, knowledge of the area, and accountability to the purchase process was exemplary. What an incredibly smooth transaction!"

Jeannette Omar

"Thank you for helping me obtain my new commercial building. Thanks for listening to my crazy ideas and helping my dream come true! I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family."

Bill & Miriam Myers

"Pamela Z. Hill is an incredible realtor who far exceeds what one might commonly find! She really cares about her clients and bends over backward to give them the unique service they are looking for. Looking for a dream realtor who is a master in experience, professional knowledge, and service? You'll find it in Pamela Z. Hill."

Orin & Ruth Johnson

"In just a few short weeks after listing my beach house, you presented me with a signed purchase order. You engineered an effortless conclusion of the transaction to the complete satisfaction of both parties."

Jackson Carter & David York

"We have really appreciated how focused and diligent you were through all the twists and turns of a land transaction. You certainly have my highest recommendation."

Erik Kvilaas

"I would highly recommend Pamela Z. Hill as a very professional and energetic Realtor. I am very satisfied as she did an excellent job in marketing and selling my property."

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